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Next Generation Computer Services

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When you’re experiencing computer problems, you don’t want to wait to get things resolved. At Next Generation Computer we understand that urgency. We explain the problem to you in terms you can understand, so that you can be in charge of what happens with your computer.

Pricing Information

Laptop Repair

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AC Power Jack Repair


Does your laptop no longer charge or turn on? Has the pin in the power jack popped off inside your laptop?


Bring it in right away for free diagnostic.


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LCD Screen Repair


If your laptop’s LCD screen is too dim to see, doesn’t turn on, is blurry, or is showing lines or stripes, we can fix it.

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Keyboard and Touch pad Repair


Missing keys?  Spilled something on the keyboard?  Mouse touchpad not responding right?  We can replace the necessary parts and return your laptop to great condition

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Many laptop crashing problems are due to overheating issues caused by broken fans or CPU heat sinks which are not properly seated.  We can troubleshoot these problems and resolve your overheating issues quickly.